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Date : 27-12-2012
Time : 08:12:23
Name : Anuj jain
Ward's Name : Ansh jain
Ward's Class : Grade 2
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Subject : Congratulations
Message :

Dear management
A BIG Congrats for a great performance given by ur team on LITTLESTROKES ,keep it up and best of luck for future.

Date : 27 November 2012
Time : 3:48:29 PM
Name : Abhishek Sharma
Ward's Name : Kartikeiy Sharma
Ward's Class : Grade-I
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Subject : Paying Thanks & Gratitude (HM- Junior)
Message :

Dear Lydia Mam,

First of all I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for being able to keep your words what you have promised to us while admission- \"Learning while Playing\".

Now, almost after 8 months of School\'s first session, Me, my wife and my child would like to pay my gratitude and thanks to you for the example you have set in schooling and created a landmark to achieve for others.

I feel proud to be part of Espee family and I believe each and every parent will be feeling the same as I am after monitoring such a great change and development in our children.

Here I would like to give special attention to the teachers of my child in Grade-I that they have done some wonderful job and I hope to get same energy and enthusiasm from them in coming future. I would especially like to thank Smita Bhandari mam who is so nice, calm, creative and loveable to all her students. She is wonderful while tackling the students in tricky situation and have made child more attractive towards studies by using her unique method of teaching. She is excellent in her field and I would highly emphasis or request Lydia mam to let her continue with same bunch of students in Grade II as well.
She has made good understanding with all the children of her class and even children are now more attached, frank and have good bonding with her.

Finally, I appreciate the work done by school since now and thanks to give us a glimpse of hope that our child too can be the future of India by serving as Engineer, Doctor or in any other field. I hope the same work gets continued by School and I also promise to be supportive to school in all aspects from bottom of my heart all the time.



Date : 03-12-2012

Time : 07:12:51
Name : Seema Bhushan
Ward's Name :
Ward's Class :
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Subject : Compliment
Message :

Dear maa\'m


i would like 2 congratulate you on the timely session start and hope 4 a successful term ahead.

my ward is enthusiastically conveying daily details of the school n the fun he is having in espee.

he is lucky to be in espee.

he also wants to enjoy the food being provided,so i would like to avail this facility too.

i further have few queries.

1-do we pay 12 months charges for the food?

2-when will the school have complete AC facility?

i am looking forward for a wonderful experience for my son n a learning experience 4 myself

Date : 2 May 2012
Time : 1:50:43 PM
Name : Mr. Manoj Khandelwal
Ward's Name :
Ward's Class :
Contact No : 9897062828
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Subject :
Message :

This is in regard to the response of teachers towards students that we are happy to see our wards being preserved in such hands of teachers. I thank the faculty and staff of the school for giving us timely feedbacks and response. It helps us to shape the personality of our child. We appreciate your efforts and hope for such response in future too.

Date : 20 August 2012

Time : 10:56:25 PM
Name : Mrs. Shachi saini
Ward's Name : Prajanya saini
Ward's Class :
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Subject : Parent view
Message :

“THE ESPEE GLOBAL SCHOOL” provides an excellent learning environment for my child, with friendly and dedicated teacher Mrs Anuradha mam and a good balance between extra curricular activities and academics.


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