Core Values

"Nine-tenths of education is encouragement."
... Anatole France


The Espee Global School cultivates the value of perseverance in students and teachers alike. Perseverance helps one strive for reaching his goals, keep at the journey despite any and all hurdles and ultimately, achieve those goals. In today’s world of “instant” everything, we aim at developing a child’s mind to adopt this line of thought and strive to constantly pursue his dreams in life… to persevere is to succeed!


It’s infectious!
An enthusiastic lot – be it peers or teachers – helps a child develop a healthy attitude and a “never say no!” approach to various tasks and problems – in academics, as well as in life. Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration – it motivates and fuels creativity, allowing children to channelise their thoughts into actions and build on their dreams later in life.


Children are always brimming with energy!
Channelising a child’s energy into productive and meaningful activities is what we do at The Espee Global School. An energetic lot always achieves more… and does it better and faster! The boundless energy that one finds in children is also a great source of inspiration – especially to our teachers, who believe in always maintaining a positive and healthy energy level in their class!


Achievement – and a sense of achievement itself – are the key factors that drive a child to learn, explore, discover and apply his knowledge across the gamut of applications that unfold during his journey of learning. The Espee Global School prepares children for becoming achievers, guiding and nurturing them carefully to ensure that they are proud, yet modest and humble, about their achievements.


Not easily achieved by all, this is one value that we have firmly ingrained in our minds – it is not enough to merely strive for excellence, one must excel in order to survive, break the clutter and eventually achieve new heights in life – as a student, as a world citizen, as a professional, as an integral part of a family. Excellence at Espee is not just an aspiration – it’s a reality and a part of everyday life.


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