The Board of Directors

"Humility and knowledge in poor clothes excel pride and ignorance in costly attire"
... William Penn

The Espee Global School is an inspiring initiative of the reputed Rai Bahadur Mathura Dass family, actively involved in the promotion of education and learning at Roorkee. The family has an automobile trading business and is also actively involved in Real Estate (civil construction and colonization) in the region.
To leverage their excellent foundation in society and their cordial relations with prominent leaders, the Rai Bahadur family has established The Espee Global School in Roorkee. The family is privileged to be instrumental in strengthening the education infrastructure in Roorkee and looks forward to being the preferred education institution of the future.
The Espee Global School is run by the Rai Bahadur Mathura Dass Education Foundation, headed by its Chairman, Mr. Subodh Kumar, the Co-Chairman Mr. Udayan Kumar Gupta, the Senior Director Mrs. Shashi Prabha and the Director Operations Mrs. Kanika Gupta.

A word from the Chairman

Roorkee is one of the best places to live in. We have a very healthy neighborhood. Yet, in spite of having many good schools in the area, we do not have a school with adequate facilities that promotes all-round growth of children. Hence the idea of The Espee Global School that will not only offer a strong and well-planned curriculum, but also provide all the facilities at par with international standards, such as professional sports coaching, a swimming pool, library, transport, medical support, IT – e-learning system and other innovative programs.

"We want our city to be self-contained when it comes to excellence in education, without having to go elsewhere."

This is our way of showing our deep appreciation for the love and respect we enjoy in Roorkee. We want to establish an International School that will meet the needs of the residents of Roorkee and gain the reputation of being listed among the best schools in India.

There is no substitute for knowledge. Education instills the knowledge and wisdom that one needs to face life – confidently.

Mr. Subodh Kumar
Rai Bahadur Mathura Dass Education Foundation


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